Architectural / industrial design and creative concepts

I help my clients - individual persons, organisations or companies to design and create spaces and products. I can carry out a project through the whole manufacturing process: from designing a concept through prototyping and visualization or digital and physical modelling to manufacturing.

Computational design, parametric modeling

I have expertise in Rhino and Grasshopper software. Among my broad interests are interactive art and physical computing. In the past I worked with new media artists and I have good understanding of the new technologies and art made with code. 

Digital and physical modeling, rapid prototyping, 3d print

An important part of my design process is making tests and prototyping designed objects. I use traditional and new model making techniques.  I use  3d printing because it is a very helpful tool in manufacturing products.  I can print your project on FDM 3d printer with maximum build volume of 250 x 235 x 165 mm and 100 microns resolutions.

Consulting and teaching. 

I like to teach others and work with groups of people with different backgrounds.


I provide: architectural and industrial design, creative concepts, computational design, parametric modeling, digital and physical modeling, rapid prototyping, 3d print, visualizations, consulting and teaching. 

Some of the clients I have worked for: