From Those You Saved - competition

My project for the Competition to commemorate Poles who rescued Jews during the German occupation. 

Respecting existing landscape and history.
The new memorial is modest. It’s not trying to dominate other memorials. The band like shape gently wraps with a protective layer around a tree standing on a small hill. Abstract loop form leads the viewer toward and around a tree a common symbol with positive meanings in different cultures. 

Soft and curvy surface lays on top ofthe existing hill highlighting existing values of a park space. The monument has two sides: one seen while taking a stroll in the park and the other from museum through large window. Beautifull and spectacular view from large museum window is treated with respect, there is no major obstacles to the viewer.

Space of a memory.
On top of the memorial platform one can find interactive installation. From far away it looks like a standard binocular one to be seen on many viewpoints in tourist places.It is custom designed augmented reality device. It gives access to second part of a memorial the “space of a memory” which is normally hidden from the viewer. Virtual like space is a blended smoothly with a existing park space. By entering this space one can find information about memorial, about those who saved Jews during war. The historical space is mixed in realtime with existing space. Through interface it is possible to zoom and pick different stories. Hiding most of the information layers related to memorial in virtual space helps the viewer not to be overwhelmed with data. It also lets the memorial to stay in ambigous shape not directly connected to one particular meaning.